Manchester. Again.

I heard about the stabbings in Manchester, including at the Starbucks where my daughter, (not on shift today), and some of my friends work, when she rang me to ensure that I wasn’t in the city centre.

Scrolling through news updates, I saw on a photograph that the part of Starbucks that had been sectioned off by police was where my son and I was sat only last night. I later heard from a friend, on shift when the attacks began, how they had to evacuate screaming customers into the back, and then into a neighbouring store, before being put on lockdown.

This took place just a few minutes walk from the Arena where twenty two lost their lives in the bombing of 2017, and also another attack last New Year’s Eve.

It shows just how close these attacks can be, in terms of both geography and involving people we know, and how we all have to remain vigilant.

9 thoughts on “Manchester. Again.

  1. Three Fridays in a row now there have been incidents with knives. What is happening to my great city? I too visit that Starbucks and Victoria train station, does make you think twice about popping into town. Maybe stay local for a while. Ian


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