Thought Of The Day

So, 2020 has arrived in the guise of a beautiful morning. I’m going to a football match this afternoon, then tonight there’s a new Doctor and a new Dracula. Not a bad start for any geeky, gothic, football fans out there. And I reckon there’ll be pizza.

9 thoughts on “Thought Of The Day

  1. Pizza and Dr. Who sound good to me! And I only just heard about the new Dracula yesterday.
    However, I’m off to get some sun, so I’ll have to catch up on that next week, though I already had my New Years pizza. 😉

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    • Doctor Who was great, as for Dracula I’m only one episode in. It was okay, but Lee & Cushing are still the unbeatable combination for me.
      Pizza, by the way, was spot on too!


    • Got to say Dracula left me a little underwhelmed, I was hoping for a new, faithful adaptation of Stoker’s novel. And nothing surpasses Lee and Cushing for me. Doctor Who was a return to form though, with a cliffhanger-reveal that I never saw coming!


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