Brave New World

First morning since we left the EU.

Still had no milk for my coffee.

My lad was worried. “Will it mean no more Champion’s League? No more World Cup? No more EUROs?!!!”

In truth I don’t know what it means (beyond my son will still get his football). We’d been a member for all of my life except the first twelve months, and beyond the scare stories and counter-patriotic statements it’s an unknown quantity.

Then, seeing and loving this old photograph, I was reassured that there was a time when we was not a member of the EU.

It is of people waiting at a railway station in Glasgow, 1895.

And I bet the train still hasn’t arrived yet. Some things will never change.

7 thoughts on “Brave New World

  1. The very reason it is unknown quantity is the reason why we should be concerned. There has been no honest debate, a lot of lies and although some stats may be seen as scaremongering, we have had experts in their respective fields put across the problems, the likely outcomes and what could have happen. Sadly in a post truth society, where ‘the bloke down the pub’, knows best and populism rules, it has been roundly dismissed. For me it is not about leave or remain, it is about those us leading us out, their motive and their ability. It also sad to realise that Brexit does not really exist, only as ideological phantasm and opinion.

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