Sunday Morning Check-In

It’s a pleasant start to Sunday, sitting in the back garden reading Raban’s Old Glory.

Continuing the Southern theme, I’ve got Bobbie Gentry playing in the background.

Not in person, of course, for as far as I know she’s still holed up somewhere over the Pond in happy seclusion.

I’m not sure what’s prompted this Southern theme. Maybe it’s the sunshine.

And, speaking of being holed up, I hope you guys are all okay in whatever part of this currently crazy world these lines find you.

Out of curiosity, where are you all? And yes, even you, Bobbie.

17 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Check-In

  1. I enjoy your stories. Thank you. The reason I started to read them was because I love jackdaws and all birds. I am in Dublin but am American born.

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  2. I am locked in, locked down and locked up in Northenden. We moved here nearly two years ago and then went travelling for ten months! So really, we’ve only been living here for 11 months. It still feels like we’re on holiday, having lived in the same house for 33 years before the big move. I too love Bobbie Gentry’s voice, so sultry, hot and southern, I hope she’s enjoyed her 50-year ‘retirement’, wherever she is.

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    • Oh wow you’re quite close to me then.
      I’ve seen a couple of photos of Bobbie that have surfaced since her retirement from the music scene. And, like with Harper Lee, though I hope she is well, I have a selfish fan’s view of always wanting something more from her.


  3. And of course greetings from over t’Pennines on a rainy Colne Valley evening. I walked across the border far as Castleshaw from my house last weekend so not far from you at all. Hope you and your family are well and coping.

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    • I’m sure we may have shared the same rain cloud or two!
      I’ve had it in my mind to visit the site of the Roman first there for some time. And I’ve been feeling my Lancashire roots of late-it tends to be when the wet weather arrives.

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      • Still well and def shared the same rain clouds. They struggle to haul themselves over the Pennines then reach the Colne Valley and🌧🌧🌧☔☔☔


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