R.I.P Astrid Kirchherr

I’ve just heard of the death, at 81, of Astrid Kirchherr, the woman who helped define the early Beatles look when the then unknown Liverpool group were in Hamburg in the early sixties.

She took some of their early photographs, iconic photographs in a style that were ahead of everyone else at the time.

After these she also gave the (then) Fab Five their distinctive Beatle haircuts, the fifth being the talented but doomed artist Stuart Sutcliffe who she fell in love with. Later, reduced to four, and with Best replaced by Starr, they went on to conquer the world, as she proudly and sadly looked on.

Fifty eight years apart, I’d like to think that they’ve found each other again. R.I.P

8 thoughts on “R.I.P Astrid Kirchherr

    • He left the Beatles (his talent was art, not music, but Lennon was his best mate and wanted him in the band, McCartney later admitted some jealousy towards him. There was a film out in, I think the 90’s, about Sutcliffe’s and Astrid’s relationship and the early Beatles, called Backbeat. He died aged only 21, from Wikipedia to keep it brief:

      While in Germany, Sutcliffe began experiencing severe headaches and acute sensitivity to light, and Kirchherr stated that some of the headaches left him temporarily blind. In 1962, Sutcliffe collapsed in the middle of an art class in Hamburg. Kirchherr’s mother had German doctors examine him, but they were unable to determine exactly what was causing the headaches. They suggested he go back to Britain and have himself checked into a hospital with better facilities, but Sutcliffe was told there was nothing wrong with him, so he returned to Hamburg. While living at the Kirchherrs’ house his condition became worse, and after collapsing again on 10 April 1962, he was taken to hospital by Kirchherr (who rode with him in the ambulance), but he died before the ambulance reached the hospital. The cause of death was a cerebral haemorrhage, specifically, a ruptured aneurysm resulting in “cerebral paralysis due to bleeding into the right ventricle of the brain. He was 21 years old.”


      • There are suggestions that it could have resulted in a kicking he got one night, Lennon and Pete Best fighting off his attackers.


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