Claws For The Weekend: Stockpiling

One of the kids left this chillling in the fridge the other day, just in case, you know, they might be dying of thirst later.

It’s not only the Government that makes provisions for unforeseen emergencies.

Or maybe they don’t.

Either way, have a great weekend everybody.

See you on the flip side.

4 thoughts on “Claws For The Weekend: Stockpiling

  1. 😀 😃 I have to laugh because I have done the same from time to time. Actually, I like to leave a glass in the freeze then pull it out for my cold beverages. Especially nice with root beer.

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    • I hope you leave a little more liquid in the glass than my kids though-there’s not enough here to wet the lips! It’s more a symbol of their laziness 😂


  2. Smart kids 🙂 Maybe they just couldn’t decide what to put in there? And left the decision for later, knowing they would have a cold glass?
    I hope you are enjoying your weekend. Is it Father’s Day in the UK? It’s not in Sweden (but in the US.)

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