Life’s A Riot

Who would have thought this, six months ago?

I look like I’m going to a riot.

A bit of a sterile riot, a friend pointed out.

One has to take one’s safety seriously when one is launching petrol bombs.

Another friend commented I see you’ve also had your ears lowered.

Seeing as though my wife performed my first lockdown haircut, I’m thankful I’ve got any ears at all.

And what do people do these days when they go on blind dates?

You’ve got nice eyes.

And I guess that lip readers are screwed.

These are crazy days. Stay safe, friends. Stay crazy.

12 thoughts on “Life’s A Riot

  1. Love the new look…well regardless it’s gonna be around awhile so might as well get used to it. I’m happy to hear of those clear panel masks, I’ll have to check those out. I’m realizing the ‘smile response’ is almost nonexistent these days and adds to my own feelings of sadness…the one way we can all connect – a smile and a nod – and it’s hard to do in a mask.
    Crinkly, happy eyes are hard to maintain without the aid of a smile IMHO. Tho your baby blues do shine forth, Andy!

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    • Yes, I struggle to hear people through these masks but must be doubly difficult for you. I’ve heard of some masks that have that section made with a see through material of some kind, problem is when you’re out and about nobody has that kind on.


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