A Bit Of The Wife’s Perspective

It was one of those historic moments.

I sat watching it live-the landing of the Perseverance rover on the surface of Mars. Any of a number of things could have gone wrong, you couldn’t take anything for granted.

And I didn’t. As I waited I thought of our evolutionary journey and how we were landing upon an island we should never have been able to reach, navigating a vast ocean which we should never have been able to cross.

And I witnessed it all on my iPad with a brew:

We’re going in.

After a few moments of palpable tension, confirmation was given that the mission had been a success and Perseverance was on the red planet. In the control room there were cheers and fist pumps and congratulatory relief.

Then the first eagerly awaited images reached us, after travelling 205.62 million km, due solely to decades of man’s ingenuity.

Jen: “It looks like my cheesecake.”

17 thoughts on “A Bit Of The Wife’s Perspective

  1. And there’s nothing wrong with cheesecake. I remember not too many years ago watching Pathfinder do it’s thing. I didn’t quite think of cheesecake as I looked at that tinted sky. Looking at that world through rose coloured specs and hoping the rover didn’t get jammed against a boulder.


  2. I wrote in a tweet, referring to the first 360° video footage from Perseverance:

    “I hate to be cynical, but it’s hard for me to get excited about a spaceship traveling tens of millions of miles in order to get to, essentially, Death Valley, California, minus any wildlife or nearby casinos.”

    Cheesecake wins, hands-down! (You’d know this for sure if you’ve ever been to Death Valley.🤪)


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