Love And Eight (Sorry For The Pun)

Eight years. That’s how long WordPress tells me that I’ve been blogging for.

Eight years – my anniversary passing last week. Wondering if there was anything significant about this number, and knowing nothing of numerology, I looked it up:

It seems that eight is male, who’d have though that numbers had gender? And it represents infinity-is this a sign that I’m going to blog, like, forever?

What about the number outside of numerology? Where would I be without Google?

Eight is the natural number following seven and preceding nine.

Now that I can get my head around! It’s that number in between seven and nine. I should have put money on it.

Then next there was this:

An eighth is a common measure of marijuana, as in an eighth of an ounce.

Hmm . . . maybe Jackdaw will continue flying high, so to speak?

On other blog anniversaries I’ve tended to think about the posts I’ve done in the past, the journey I’ve been on. This time, though, I started thinking about the people that I’ve come to know along the way. This was prompted by a comment I made tonight on a US friend’s blog ( ) about how I once met a fellow blogger face to face, quite by chance, at a funeral of all places. I recognised her and (re)introduced myself, and she later blogged about this coming together of both her ‘real’ life and her ‘virtual’ life.

There are people that have been flying with City Jackdaw since its very conception, there’s some that have joined along the way, and there were some who fell away.

I took some time to look at a few of my early posts, recognising among the comments names of old friends who, for whatever reason, appear not to blog anymore.

Some of them were very generous with their time and their friendship back then, and I felt genuinely saddened that they were no longer around. I wondered what they were up to now in their own part of the world, and hoped that life was treating them well.

Sometimes it’s the not knowing, and being deprived of a chance to express my gratitude, say farewell and wish them luck.

But sometimes it is the knowing-

there was a woman who read my posts and often left encouraging comments. I’d noticed her absence for a while before I learned the reason: she had died at the hands of her husband. Awful, and I was grieving the senseless end of a person I’d never met.

Wow! What has happened to this post?! I was supposed to be celebrating my anniversary!

I think instead I should just take this opportunity to express my gratitude now to all of you still following City Jackdaw, and hope we have some time together yet. If life does take you away from this virtual world at some point in the future, and you see in advance that approaching fork in the road, come and say goodbye first.

I’d appreciate that. I really am the sentimental sort.

20 thoughts on “Love And Eight (Sorry For The Pun)

  1. Interestingly enough WP tells me I read this 8 minutes after you posted it. Spooky… 😉

    Anyhow, congratulations on such an epic anniversary and I, for one, look forward to reading more in the future 👍🖤

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  2. First off, thanks for the mention! Secondly, congrats on 8 years…fun post, too.
    Anyway, your face-to-face story takes the cake IMHO. I am surprised that ‘8’ is designated as male considering the ‘figure 8’ is more often likened to the figure of the female form.
    I agree about the need to know – and extend the same invitation for you…come and say goodbye first if you can.
    I figured you to be a sentimental ‘bloke’, comes with being a poet I think.

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  3. Nice read. I have been on WordPress for 9 years and 3 years before that on another blog format. I too have lost readers, but lately have gained quite a few. Keep in mind that Facebook has a lot to do with losing readers, something to do with their platform, so I avoid them now. I found that politics and personal views on this world is the contributor. Some things I can’t help covering because I am an old guy, and an honorary Texan. Keep up the good work.

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    • That’s an impressive amount of time, blogging wise!
      I don’t share that much to Facebook, but have been told a lot lately about algorithms and the like.


      • Yep Andy, I am leaving FB, but I will give a weeks notice and post my email, WordPress email and my blog site so my followers can still keep in touch. It was a good idea for many years, and many bloggers use it, but now the intrusiveness and censorhip is beyond tolerable.

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