Hopefully Not Hung Out To Dry

So, we are well into the Euros. A year late because of Covid. Everything is late because of Covid. But it’s an ideal boon for a country needing lifting-because of Covid.

But anyway, that’s enough of the ‘C’ word.

I walked the dog yesterday and saw some Langley washing lines put to good use.

And then we returned home to watch England beat Germany, our long-time nemesis and hoodoo team. (I was wearing a Sweden shirt at the time, but I’m peculiar like that.)

And so-we are still in it. Our therapy continues.

Keep the washing lines clear of washing! Keep the flags flying!

A beleaguered nation needs it.

10 thoughts on “Hopefully Not Hung Out To Dry

  1. Haha, that’s funny, because that’s exactly where my little England flags are. I peg them to my washing line. They are there now getting soaked ready for tonight’s outing with Ukraine.

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    • Right! We had the euphoria of our first final in fifty five years but then the crushing disappointment of a penalty shoot-out defeat. But our heads should be high as the flags are lowered.


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