a dead high street

Kirkcaldy High Street was once a thriving, bustling thoroughfare. now all i see is decline and decay. empty shop units, their windows smeared in …

a dead high street

Kirkcaldy High Street is reminiscent of most high streets, I think, throughout the country. Up here in the north anyway, where shops are struggling to survive and the numerous pubs have disappeared. Reblogged this from Kat’s blog, please click on the highlighted title above this comment to visit and read the full post.

7 thoughts on “a dead high street

  1. I clicked on the link and read with interest the article as you suggested…see comment I left there.
    The short of it? A quote that’s rung in my brain for at least a decade:
    “Invest in communities rather than commodities.”
    Plus, the photography is delicious.

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