In A Manchester Book Shop

“Come on, make your mind up. It was you who came in here to buy a book. I’ve got two.”

Looking at them I presumed that they were mother and daughter, the former indeed with two books beneath her arm, looking a little exasperated if not impatient; the latter indecisive.

Mother picked up a paperback from the display table. “Oh, this is a good one. The Colour Purple. They made a film out of it. It’s about racism.” Now she was the one who appeared indecisive. “Actually, I think it might be too much for a fourteen-year-old. You might want to read it when you’re older.”

“I think I’ve seen the film,” replied the daughter, “With Whoopi Goldberg?”

“That’s right.” Sounding surprised.

“I liked her in Ghost.” She cast her young eye to take in the shelved multiverse. “Is there a book of that?”

The Sands Of Inspiration

This was the sight that greeted me the other night, and what a beautiful sight it was too. As dusk fell the sky turned a fiery orange. A final moment of glory, blazing into blackness.

And of course, I had to get a photograph of it, although I’m sure you guys would have believed me without one.

It was reported that some Britons were puzzled by a yellow sky, some by a red sky, while where I was it was definitely an orange sky. But whatever tint you got, it turned out that the cause was a Saharan dust cloud that had made its way over here. Crossing borders with neither a visa or a passport.

This just goes to show how things happening elsewhere can have an affect on us here (wherever the ‘us here’ is, as the application is universal for you, dear reader, too).

The butterfly affect, six degrees of separation and all that. Nothing happens in a vacuum, there’s always a knock on effect.

The alarming conflict going on in Eastern Europe further illustrates this, as the ramifications spread across the globe like an unsettling web that we are all getting caught up in.

But it doesn’t have to be just negative things.

A fellow blogger (and honorary Manc) living over the Pond produced the latest of her musical ventures there which also had an affect right here.

This was her CD that recently arrived, and early one morning this corner of Northern England became transformed into the desert setting of New Mexico, the setting which, along with a family of rescue goats, inspired the music to be found on here. Something born there found new life here.

From New Mexico to Manchester.

I never checked, but maybe while I was sat inside listening to Laura’s music the sky outside was orange again.

*Laura’s blog can be found here: