Sign Of The Times

I was on a bus, coming from Manchester, which arrived at the bus station of my hometown of Middleton. A woman got on it with her friend and two young children in tow, saying that they were going to Langley which is, at the most, a ten minute journey.

Watching her friend shepherding the children to take their seats, she used her card to pay and then joined them. At that point she studied her ticket and within seconds had marched back to the front of the bus, kicking off with the driver.

“Sixteen pounds and forty-four pence! For two adults and two children? Going to Langley? That’s a piss take, an absolute piss take! Sixteen forty-four?!”

The driver looked at her ticket and then explained that the 16.44 was actually the time at which she’d bought the ticket.

I really wish that she’d have caught the last bus at 23.59.

20 thoughts on “Sign Of The Times

    • She didn’t apologise and I kept my face straight while making a note of everything to write this post afterwards 🙂

      Thanks for reading!


      • I live in Scotland now but my mum was born on crab lane and I spent my childhood there. I lived on Langley for a few years in the early 80’s so love reading your blog about Middleton brings back lots of memories. I used to walk to birch services and get a coffee there. I worked in the Brittania pub in Middleton and Tesco in Middleton. Loved reading about your trip to Liverpool thanks for your positive writing and outlook on life. Have a great weekend

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      • There are a lot of connections there-I’m currently undertaking a local oral history project (which may be of interest to you, Langley and Blackley feature among other places), and transcribe the interviews over coffee at Birch. The Britannia was the first pub I used to go in when I was seventeen, around 1988. The Irish guy Michael was landlord then. Whereabouts in Scotland are you?


      • Bloody hell that was when I was there worked for Michael Gallagher his wife Collette they were a lovely couple I heard Michael had died from cancer. I also worked for a while at Dusty Millar so I may have met you. That course sounds fascinating hopefully you will be putting snippets on your blog. I live in the Scottish borders wee village called Ednam near to kelso look online at visit kelso or hendersyde farm cottages they are near me and have lovely photos of local area. Really admire you for doing such great research

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      • Yes Michael died some years ago. I used to see his daughter Siobhan around Middleton from time to time but it’s been a while now. I used to go into the Dusty (criminally now with a name change: The Edgar Wood).
        Small world!


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