My Annus Horribillis, But On We Go

I’ve lost track how long I’ve been blogging here. Nine years? Maybe ten, wishing you guys a Happy New Year at this time, scattered as you are all over the globe.

2022 for me wasn’t a good one. In fact it was an awful one.

I lost a childhood friend in the first half and then there was a terrible end to the year when I lost a family friend and then my Mum. I won’t tempt fate by saying that 2023 will definitely be better, but I always go into a new year full of hope.

One thing this last year has underlined is that I have great family and friends. And that includes all of you Jackdaw followers, extended friends who take the time to comment, encourage and console.

Have a healthy 2023.

See you all on the flip side. Much love to you all 💙


20 thoughts on “My Annus Horribillis, But On We Go

  1. Thank you for the all the postings that you have kept going throughout such a hard year. They really help me and bring back memories of Manchester. Wishing you and family the best for 2023 and look forward to more from the City Jackdaw

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  2. I know how I is with years like that and I also know how it feels to hope for better years and then it flip once again to sad years. But every sad year I also remember all good things that happens between the sad things and then it don’t feels so bad 🙂

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