Sunsets On Mars

It looks like a scene set on the fictional world of Tatooine, but this shot is of the sun setting on the empty, desolate planet of Mars.

In the whole of our history, we are the first human beings to witness a Martian sunset. Just think about that. We can see from the vantage point of an island that we as a species should never have reached.

I’ve said it before-this is a place where the silence has never been broken by spoken word.

One day it will. I wonder what that first word will be?

I say ‘silence’, but if you do a search you can discover an audio video that enables you to listen to the sound of this far-flung place. A place with few natural sounds except the wind.

I find things like this awe-inspiring. And there’s now lots of images to keep me going for some time yet. Rocky landscapes beneath a salmon sky.

I hope they instil in you the same sense of wonder that they do me. But if you are looking for a photo credit, though – I’m sorry, I didn’t take them.


10 thoughts on “Sunsets On Mars

  1. Awesome I agree. I remember watching the Pathfinder mission photos coming in on the news years ago, the excitement of having to wait for the transmission time and the signal to reach Earth, but OMG when it did…I still loo up at the moon and marvel that humans have been there, though few of them. Seemed impossible at the time, but now with Mars, it might be visited by humans in our lifetime. Another small step and giant leap.

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  2. It’s quite incredible! Part of me is a little sad that we (humans) will eventually land on these planets and dread to think what might happen as a result. I live in hope that our descendants act a little better than we have up to now.

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