The Lion Growls Tonight

Some snow came in last night. It wasn’t a lot and it wasn’t a surprise.We had been told that it was coming, dragged down by some northern, arctic air, but going to bed last night it was just a few flurries.

What was a surprise was the message this morning that my kids’ high school was closed. There wasn’t that much on the ground, not enough to wall us up alive, and certainly not enough to turn our uphill main road into an impasse. (Yes, I know that it’s only an uphill main road if you’re going up it and not down it, but that’s the direction the school is in.)

It seems that the reason given was that other towns received more snow than us and that’s where some staff would be travelling from.

I don’t ever recall schools closing due to weather when I was young, not even in our younger primary school days. But, then again, in the 70’s wellies were cool.

We could be forgiven for starting to think of climate change and unseasonal weather, but apparently we get more snow here in March than we do in December. Who knew? Not I, and I’ve only been here all my life.

I have heard that saying: If March comes in like a lion, it will go out like a lamb.

It wasn’t really roaring last night though, maybe just giving a little warning growl.

I had some things to get this morning so I walked down to the town centre as I’d originally planned. The kids were still in bed, not even aware that school was shut. Wouldn’t it be great if they woke, thought they’d overslept and scurried off to the best days of their lives?

I’m scurrying off now to another day in mine, hoping you all have a great weekend, but before I go can I just give a shoutout to the meteorologist, on TV at 7.30am, who explained that “snow is crunchy beneath your feet.

I’ll never be ignorant again.


13 thoughts on “The Lion Growls Tonight

  1. Crunchy snow is the best to walk on – the other stuff is gorgeous as it drifts down in those huge flakes, but too messy & sloppy to appreciate fully during a jaunt outside IMHO.
    BTW: I liked the ‘Snow Virgin’ post recommended at the bottom of this post!

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  2. Slaithwaite had considerable snow at the end of last week but, it being March, it warmed up, rained like anything then froze solid for two nights making some side lanes and my downhill road to the village horribly dangerous for a while. Up north, between one Pennine valley and the next, are a series of microclimates where weather can be totally different. We had very high winds too so March going out like a lamb is something I hope happens.
    I don’t seem to remember schools closing and buses not running back in the day.

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