(This is a new ‘About’ page, replacing the original that rested here for three years.)


I think that blogs, unless they specialise, are by definition an extension of ourselves. They reflect our own interests and personalities. Read a few posts and you get a sense of the writer, generally. The most private of us let our guard down in the end.

So what will you find on City Jackdaw?

Reflections and observations on life as it occurs in my home city of Manchester, England. Some related with a smile, some without.

Acutely aware that different people followed my blog after different types of posts, I like to mix them up a little, cater for all readers: old photographs, family disasters, creative endeavours, humorous accounts, and on and on.

And, as a published poet, you can bet your bottom dollar some of that will feature, too.

Why City Jackdaw?

City Jackdaw was a weekly penny magazine that was published in my city between 1875 and 1880. I stumbled across it when I was looking for a name for my blog, and appreciated the synchronicity. A regular feature was Claws of the Week. So I incorporated Claws For The Weekend into my blog. I like connections.

Who am I?

I’m Andy, a forty four-year-old teenager in denial, currently robed in jackdaw feathers. Thank you for visiting my roost. Hope you’ll fly with me a while.