In Brigantia Out Now


I’m very pleased to announce that my second poetry collection, In Brigantia, is out now.

‘Andrew James Murray’s second collection invites you to Brigantia, territory of Celtic tribe the Brigantes.

It is a Brigantia of both geography and imagination, where Queen Cartimandua rubs shoulders with screen goddess Marilyn Monroe, and Tom Cruise is proselytising upon the streets of Manchester.’

For readers in the UK it is available here:

For readers in the US you can get it here:



from In Brigantia

from my poetry blog

Coronets For Ghosts

This is the opening page, of the opening poem, from which my forthcoming poetry collection takes its name.

from  In Brigantia Boathouse

She is painted blue and proud

shining bright

in natural fires;

igniting dawns

Sitting by the river,

rounded aesthetics

rolling down a verdigris valley

herons rising

in glacial drifts

over wooden hives

Coins, unearthed in soil

Roman — no hoard,

breathing once more


the honeyed son,

placed upon her lintels

for luck


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Cover Reveal: In Brigantia

This is the cover, in full, of my second poetry collection, In Brigantia, due to be published soon.

It shows both the back and front cover. The spine of the book will run through the middle of the horse’s head, with half of the face appearing on each side.

I wanted this image as Cartimandua, queen of the Brigantes, translates as ‘sleek pony’.

Horse, pony, it’s close enough 😃


from my poetry blog

Coronets For Ghosts


Hanging on the telephone
in a hazy funk.
Ice in a glass.
The words
shape-shifting silver bream,
catching the light.

The ice shifts,
tying me down,
caught on a line
encumbered, turbid.
Tasting Berlin: Berlin,
hanging on the telephone 
in a hazy funk.


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