My Writing

I write both poetry and fiction. I’m currently working on my first novel.

In 2015 I had both a poem and a short story published in The Northlore Series Volume One: Folklore. This is an anthology of work inspired by Scandinavian Folklore. My poem is called Mara, My Love. My story is called And The Snow Came Down. 


“Maras show up in a couple of hair-raising poems by Andrew James Murray and Laura Johnson, fossegrim (waterfall spirits) in a more lyrical piece by Steve Klepetar. Murray takes on the legend of the myling (restless spirits of infants who die before being baptized) in his bleak story “And the Snow Came Down,” and there is even a memorable turn by a polar bear in Sarah Lyn Eaton’s “Hold the Door.”

“A brilliant selection of short stories and poems, all with a Scandinvian slant.”

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In 2015 my debut poetry collection, Heading North, was published by Nordland Publishing.


“In short, there is real poetry to be found in this first collection of Murray’s work and a depth of pleasure to be gained from its reading that is all too often only notable by its absence in the work of many of today’s poets. Highly recommended.”

“Murray has that rare gift of dragging you into his world through words. Great work.”

“Excellent debut collection of poetry.”

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In 2016 I had two stories published in the second of the Northlore Series, Mythos.



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My second poetry collection, In Brigantia, was published in 2019.

Andrew James Murray’s second collection invites you to Brigantia, territory of Celtic tribe the Brigantes. It is a Brigantia of both geography and imagination, where Queen Cartimandua rubs shoulders with screen goddess Marilyn Monroe, and Tom Cruise is proselytising upon the streets of Manchester.

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