Black Friday Blues

Chaos. Utter, crazed, consumer chaos. Imported from the US to cause mayhem on our shores.

People fighting over flat screen televisions that must surely have been smashed to bits in the process. People getting injured. People being arrested. Shoppers refusing to leave stores when all of the special deals have run out. People rolling in the aisles as a bemused guy stands in the middle of it all with a look that said ‘I only came in for a tin of beans.’



I normally steer well clear of such media-orchestrated stampedes, but it just so happened that my wife’s day off coincided with this day of all days, when all she wanted us to do was to nip into Manchester, pick up some pyjamas for my Mum, for Christmas, and maybe have some lunch. Such a simple wish list should surely have helped us to avoid all of the animal instinctive madness, shouldn’t it?

We never made into Manchester.

As we headed along the main road into town, a car on a side street suddenly ploughed into our passenger side, into the door I was leaning against. My wife did an admirable job of keeping control as we were shunted sideways.


I ended up in A&E having my hip and jaw checked out, and an X-Ray of my shoulder revealed that thankfully it was only bruised.

It could have been a lot worse. Both my wife and I, along with the driver of the other car, escaped serious injury. And I am grateful that our children weren’t travelling with us.

I didn’t even want to go to flaming Manchester- we only went for those pyjamas! I think I will give my Mum vouchers.

Happy Black Friday everyone. Let’s do it again next year.