Books For Christmas!

Christmas is coming 😃 Here is a link to my Amazon page if you’d like to grab yourself (or somebody else) a copy of one of my two poetry collections, or an anthology that I have some fiction in.

If you visit my page, don’t let that photo of me put you off!

My latest collection (2019)

My debut collection (2015)

My Hesitant Lover

From an early frost, the day has emerged into a thing of beauty. I would show you, but the camera on my phone is temperamental. Instead, you will have to picture it:

the blue sky is barely adorned by cloud, the sun shining down upon the newly-budding trees, and the birds are busy gathering nesting material from this urban, crumbling Eden.

Here, in what is often referred to as ‘Rainy Manchester’ there is a sense of making the most of things. The air feels lighter, and scented with inspiration. I’ve been sat outside this morning, giving a few tweaks to some new poems:



Six Line Poem;


(and, ironically)

Rainy Day Blues.

After the publication of Heading North, it would be easy to get carried away and start to think of another collection.

But it is too early-the poems will come when they come. Seek too hard and they will be chased away. My muse is a hesitant lover.