Feathered Frenzy Update #2

The more seasoned City Jackdaw followers among you will remember my post ‘Feathered Frenzy’

when a casual look at my Stats page discovered the following line under ‘Search Engine Terms’:

Jackdaws are biting my car to pieces

It really doesn’t take much to amuse me. I loved the image it conjured of a desperate car owner googling for help and instead landing on my blog. I mean, who wants poetry when their Bentley is being stripped?

From that moment, curiosity piqued, I began to keep an eye on the words used that brought strangers stumbling into my own little section of cyberspace. Among the more usual, mundane terms, I discovered the following which led to the post Feathered Frenzy Update #1:

how long will jackdaws nest in my fascias

rabbits huddle together is it normal


man eats his wife

I must admit that last one unsettled me a bit, wondering what type of people my blog was attracting. Maybe twisted, potential, or actual, psychotic cannibals.  But what the hell, my traffic is increasing.

A recent check of my Stats page has now turned up two more little gems. The first one was:

will jackdaws poo everywhere

Again, you get that sense of desperation, of a beleaguered googler in a muck-splattered raincoat and hat, clutching a bucket of water and a chamois leather, and foolishly, somehow, ending up on WordPress.

Call me paranoid, and I know I may be generalising, but I am getting the feeling that at least a portion of the audience who view my blog are a desperate, clutching at straws bunch. City Jackdaw-the last chance saloon. Not you reading this now, of course, but the one after you.

The final search term used was:

jackdaw putting mud on car

Those jackdaws really have it in for cars don’t they? But after that last search term sentence used, can we really be sure that it is just mud that  they are using?

Ring out the chamois. Change the water.

Put down the shotgun.

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Feathered Frenzy

I know, I know, I shouldn’t laugh, but I can’t help it.

A casual glance at my Stats page earlier gave the usual breakdown of data and figures. What is gaining hits, what is dying a slow death.Targets to be broken, self-esteem to shatter. You know the stuff. Nothing unusual, but then I looked at ‘Search Engine Terms’.

Normally there are just two or three words entered, such as native american, or old photographs that have obviously led the searcher to my appropriate posts. But today I saw the following:

Jackdaws are biting my car to pieces.

It tickled me as soon as I read it. I was struck by an image of a frantic, beleaguered man searching desperately online for an answer to the frenzied stripping of his pride and joy and getting lost in a maze of Neolithic art, balloons, and dog eating weirdos, crying out “what is this shit?” as the dark plague can be seen falling on his Audi TT through the window behind him.

I hope he fell back on the idea of a garage rather than a shotgun. But either way, my traffic has improved.