Introducing Pennywise

I’ve always been a Stephen King fan. I grew up reading him. I love his depictions of small town American life, as well as his more epic stories. Though I also read his thrillers, it is the horror books of old that I have a penchant for.

My two favourites are Salem’s Lot, and It. King’s stories don’t always translate well to the big (or the small) screen. In regard to Salem’s Lot, I do like the original television adaptation, starring Hutch himself-David Soul. Though perhaps more faithful to the book, I’m not so enamoured with the remake.

As for It, I last watched this years ago. I don’t recall much about it except that I was disappointed. Well, now a new, two-part movie is being made. The first movie is about the children, The Loser’s Club, who come together to fight the evil presence that resides in Derry. The second film will depict the next confrontation, when the children are now adults.

I’m looking forward to seeing a fresh perspective of King’s great novel. Today, I saw the first glimpse of the new, evil Pennywise. I shared it today on Facebook, tagging in the picture two of my friends ostensibly because they are King fans, but also because they are afraid of clowns.

You’re welcome. I’m that kind of friend.


Mara, My Love

Mara, My Love

On the forest fringe shadows grow long.
Barred wooden shutters deny the call.
Our fingers clasped together, locked,
an indurate mutuality of flesh, of bone.
Her silent lips refuse to name the hour,
now rising in those conquered eyes.
She kisses my hand, and strokes my cheek,
disrobes and reveals her shapely form.
And still, unbidden, the coils of lust
stir as she walks out into the cold
without one last glance, or feeling flinch.
Yet I do not follow with shawl in hand,
to drape across those shoulders bare.
But bolt the door, slammed hard behind,
with a fistful of iron and eyes tightly closed.
Thoughts of my love, that tender soul,
framed by a sudden, monstrous howl.


This poem was included in the The Northlore Series Volume One:Folklore, 
a collection of work inspired by Scandinavian folklore.
Maras were a female race of werewolves.

Fright Fest. I Shouldn’t Laugh…….

I like to think that I have a sense of humour, but when it comes to what makes me laugh not everything tickles. I don’t really go for stand-up, and cannot listen to more than a couple of jokes without my laughter becoming forced.

What really cracks me up though are wind ups, pranks, over-reactions, and (non-injurious) mishaps. Just everyday people in everyday situations doing something fantastically funny.

There are wind-ups though, and then there are potential heart attack wind-ups.

This first video here is from Japan. Now you and I, switched on, level headed people that we are, know full well that dinosaurs became extinct millions of years ago.  But when you are put on the spot, and you don’t have the luxury of time to use your reason…..

If you thought that was a little too close to flatlining, the Brazilians went one better with the good old ghost girl in the elevator trick :

Yes it was cruel, potentially harmful, and genuinely terrifying for those unfortunate people who will never ride an elevator again. It is maybe a step too far to provide entertainment for the likes of you and I, safely sat in our homes and in the know.

And did I laugh?

You bet.


Both videos from YouTube.