The AWOL Post. Autumn Lament.

The best laid plans of mice and men.

I have just entered the nesting site of City Jackdaw once again to publish a post that I wrote a few days ago. My archives plucked bare, my drafts sifted through with growing frustration, the post is nowhere to be found.

I could have swore that I saved the post for this very day, but alas, it is gone. A post that contained such disparate objects as teabags and plastic bags, jelly fish and beleaguered wives. Well, wife singular. My wife. Maybe there is something symbolic there.

I shall have to attempt that post again, sometime. In the meanwhile, I have only this brief, apologetic post to offer you.  I leave now to venture out into a wet and windy autumn day. Layered and lamenting.

On the plus side, I have just finished writing a poem called November. 

Bet your bottom dollar I pressed ‘save’.