The Woman Who Couldn’t Find Herself

I loved the story I heard today about the woman who accidentally joined a search party that was looking for her.

She was one of a group of tourists who were travelling by bus to the volcanic Eldgja canyon. At a rest stop she went inside to change her clothes and freshen up. On her return her fellow tourists didn’t recognise her. The story of a missing passenger soon spread among the group, and this woman obviously did not recognise the description of herself. Soon she was part of a fifty strong group searching the area for a woman wearing the clothes she had just changed out of.

Meanwhile the coastguard was moving to begin its own search.

At 3.00am in the morning, someone in the group had a eureka moment and realised that the woman that they were searching for was actually in the search party, searching for herself, and the hunt was called off.

At 3.00 o’clock in the morning.

In Iceland.

I bet that hapless woman was popular. Oh how they must have laughed about it all the way home.

I would point the finger at the coach/bus driver-shouldn’t he have done a head count? And if nobody had sussed who the missing person was, and then the police had got involved and found the original clothes in the bag of the woman, would she have been arrested on suspicion of murdering herself?

I have heard of people going on long journeys and pilgrimages to ‘find themselves’.

But really ?

“I would like to report a missing woman.”

“Okay madam who is missing?”

“I am.”

“And how long have you been missing?”

“Since I got changed.”

“Can you give me a description of yourself?”


“Why not?”

“I have no idea what I look like.”


People are great.