Claws for the Weekend:Some Guys Have All The Luck

There was a British Officer of the First World War named Major Summerford. During the conflict of Flanders Fields in 1918 he was knocked from his horse and paralysed from the waist down. Was it a shell that felled him? Or a bullet? No-he was struck by lightning.


He retired, and sought a more tranquil life in Vancouver. In 1924 he sat beneath a tree quietly fishing. Well, you know about lightning and trees. The tree was hit and he was paralysed down his right side.

It took two years for him to sufficiently recover so that he was able to take walks in a local park. (I am not sure if that first waist-down paralysis was temporary or improved a little to give him some mobility). On a summer’s day in 1930, walking in that green and peaceful place, yet another lightning bolt struck him, this time permanently paralysing him. Two years later, he died.

Four years after this, in the midst of a storm, a lightning bolt struck a cemetery, destroying a tombstone. Go on, have a guess. Whose tombstone do you think was struck?

You couldn’t make it up.

Talk about a marked man.

With luck like that, a guy like Major Summerford should steer clear of jobs like the following:

photo (30)

This is an early bullet proof vest being tested in Washington, 1923. I don’t know how confident they were, but those on-looking officers appear a bit grim faced, standing well back. And that aim looks a little high. There is a bicycle behind them, I hope they haven’t just commandeered an innocent cyclist passing by. “We will just like to check your tires sir. Here, put this vest on-your country needs you”.

I know there is no link between this picture and Major Summerford, but after coming across it I was just looking for an excuse to use it somewhere.

Anyway, have a great weekend. Hope you dodge all lightning bolts and bullets.

Go sit under the stairs.

See you on the flip side.