Off The Beaten Track

I’ve just finished reading The Ocean At The End Of The Lane.

The cover reminded me a little of that Nirvana album. You know, the one with the baby swimming beneath the water?


When I first started reading it, the story itself reminded me of Something Wicked This Way Comes. I’m not sure why, as it’s been many years since I read that book. Perhaps one of you guys could help me out.

The following lines resonated:

Adults follow paths. Children explore. Adults are content to walk the same way, hundreds of times, or thousands; perhaps it never occurs to adults to step off the paths, to creep beneath the rhododendrons to find the spaces between the fences.

And, later on, in case it somehow slipped me by:

Children, as I have said, use back ways and hidden tracks, while adults take roads and official paths.

I need to start venturing once again off the beaten track. Even if it is just in my imagination. The routes that I take these days are safe and short. I need to once in a while step off the path, and just meander.

Books such as this remind me.