Claws for the Weekend:Felinebombers

Where were we? Ah yes-photographs! (My last post.)

While the feeling is that the term ‘photobombing’, along with the very inconsiderate act itself, is a modern phenomenon, we can see from this photograph that even our ancestors had to contend with annoying last-second gatecrashers.

photo (41)

Especially of the feline variety. They are always the worst-all stealth and false smiles.

Bit like my wife on our wedding day.And did I mention claws?

A couple of this ensemble are attempting to laugh it off, but the lady in the center looks well pissed off. Always the cat, always the focus.

Have a great weekend, you who sit quietly in the background, and you who hog all the limelight. And especially you cats-my most fanatical of followers.

See you on the flipside.

Photograph from Find My Past UK.