Book Update, While Trying To Be Zen-like

For those of you who have been asking, Nordland Publishing is bringing out my poetry collection Heading North in October.

For those of you who haven’t been asking, Nordland Publishing is still bringing out my poetry collection Heading North in October.

Although I am looking forward to this in the extreme, I am a father of four:


Still counting down though.

Trolls and Witches and Selkies – Oh My!

Another great review here of the Northlore Series: Folkore anthology. My poem ‘Mara, My Love’ gets a mention.

The Monash Fairy Tale Salon

A fresh new collection of folklore was released from Nordland Publishing last month: The Northlore Series: Volume One. Though it’s slightly outside the fairy-tale focus of the MFTS, I was delighted when asked to review it on the blog.

And let me tell you, from the moment I saw the cover I was hooked, and I began my journey into the realm of trolls, draugrs, huldr, selkies, elves, and witches…


Gorgeous isn’t it? The book is a contemporary collection of 33 Scandinavian folk tales, inspired by ancient tales from this region. I’ve read many anthologies of old tales collected from different countries, so it was refreshing to read some modern incarnations!

Indeed, as Nordland Publishing have written about their book:

“The Scandinavian peoples came originally from a world of mists and forests, a landscape that spawned a rich history of myth and legend, which entered the collective psyche and formed the bedrock of their soul…

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As My Poetry Book Approaches

The publication of the chapbook of my poetry, by Nordland Publishing, is getting closer, I’m excited to say. I think we may be looking at late August or September. As soon as I know-you’ll know!

It will be titled Heading North. 

Songs of the North is to be a series of books by different poets. Mine is slated to be the second book in the series.

I’ve been staying up late, listening to blues, and writing a few new poems for late inclusion in the collection before the cut-off date. Last night I wrote Canticle and Old Town. They may need a couple of tweaks, but they are more or less completed.

You guys may remember my post about the trials and tribulations I suffered in taking an author head shot? Well Nordland have now posted my author profile on their website:

Andrew James Murray is from the United Kingdom, specifically Manchester. He came to our attention with the first of the Northlore Series – Folklore. His story, Myling, grabbed us and we jokingly asked him when he would have a novel finished. He sent us a chapbook instead. Well, not one to look a gift horse in the mouth, we read it, loved it, and plan to publish it as part of Songs of the North.

Below is a link to take you to the fuller biography on their page, but beware: my ugly mug is there, in black and white to lessen the shock, although the lack of colour may creep you out even more.

Check out some of the other stuff going on at Nordland while you are there. Have a great weekend.

The Northlore Anthology Debuts. Jackdaw Smiles.

My long-awaited copy of The Northlore Series Volume 1: Folklore arrived today. Just as I was fearing it would be delayed by the Bank Holiday Monday, it was actually delivered today on a Sunday. Who’s ever heard of that before?

In my impatience it seems to have taken forever, but the anthology is now available on Amazon. I have a story included in it called And The Snow Came Down, in addition to a poem entitled Mara, My Love. The book is an eclectic mix of poetry and prose, with some good illustrations too. The book itself looks and feels great-the cool cover design was inspired by Led Zeppelin’s fourth album, for you music aficionados in the know.

It is available on Kindle also, but books like this explain why I am such a bibliophile.

I’m quite proud to have my work included in this collection, both my poem and my very first published fiction. For anybody who would like a copy, I include the Amazon link below.

Happy Reading! Don’t feed the animals!

Introducing The Northlore Series

I have been given permission to show you guys the cover of the first in a trilogy of books being published by Nordland Publishing, inspired by the old tales of the North. This first book is an anthology of stories and poetry featuring aspects of Scandinavian folklore, (the second is planned to be focused upon ‘myths’), and also includes some great illustrations too. I have a poem and a story included in it, but don’t let that put you off. It is a great and varied collection of work that is diverse enough to meet all tastes. image I am particularly pleased with my story as, although I have had poetry featured in various collections and publications, this is the first piece of fiction that I have had published, and I think it stands up okay alongside work by more seasoned writers. I will let you guys know the publication date as soon as I get it, and then, if you so wish, we may walk the North road together. Exciting times! image