Claws for the Weekend:Hello Sunshine

Us British are a stoical, hardy lot.

Since time immemorial, we have made the annual pilgrimage to the coast. Or, as we Brits like to put it, the seaside. We herd the kids together, wipe the noses, control the tantrums, and head for a few challenging days by the beach. In our idealised expectations we pack the suncream, the buckets and spades, the swimming costumes. In our acknowledged realism we also take the coats, the tissues, the umbrellas.

But cast these latter items aside-it is Friday, it is July, and we have sunshine. And it is set to last.

That is my informed prediction, using the latest technology and data obtained from orbiting satellites, and also from an in-depth year long study of the behaviour of a colony of ants in my garden.

But, more importantly than that, the weather girl on the television winked at me and said “Summer’s here.” Teasing minx that she is.

So, you hear that kids-it’s here! Cheer up.

kids beach

Take your coat off Aunty Ethel. Go buy an ice cream.

photo (22)

Have a great, sun-kissed weekend everybody. Try not to get burnt.

See you on the flipside.