You Go In The Cage . . .

This is a video of a Great White shark attacking a cage, which I showed to my family. Of course my youngest kids loved it, while my fourteen year old daughter, Courtney, said that she would have reached out and touched it. This from the girl who screams when a fly lands on her arm.

After letting my wife view it, I suggested that we could both do this sometime in the future, maybe as an anniversary treat to ourselves. I think my timing was off.

Watch it with the sound on to listen to the screams of the people inside the cage.

Don’t put your hands outside of the bars.

The City Of Derelict Ghosts

Pripyat is a Ukranian city located less than two miles from the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, abandoned for the last thirty years by its then 49,000 inhabitants. In June, cinematographer Danny Cooke visited the city, using a drone to capture scenes of abandoned parks and buildings, and entered on foot schools and homes to film the detritus of humanity.

This is a three minute compilation of the footage he captured, set effectively to Promise Land by Hannah Miller. In it we see a silent city left to decay in the solitude of man’s absence. The Mary Celeste of cities, slowly being reclaimed by the tainted land.

World War One-My Hometown’s Tribute In Spoken Poetry And Film

This video was made by some of the people from my hometown of Middleton, and of the Langley Estate where I live. Extremely moving, it contains images and spoken poetry, composed by the residents especially, referring to local people who fought in the war, and some of the families left behind. It is the real lives, the real stories, that really brings it all home.

Please watch.