Ride, Woody, Ride

There is an amazing photograph going around at the moment of a weasel taking a ride on the back of a green woodpecker. Really, you heard me right.


It’s fantastic, isn’t it? Looks like something out of a Disney film. (The old story of the fox and the scorpion also comes to mind.)

Would you still be so enchanted by it, though, when you learn that the cute little weasel was trying to eat old Woody here?

Relax-the bird escaped with its life, the weasel scurrying away after clocking up its first air miles.

I heard a great quote about it from Wildlife expert Lucy Cooke:

A female weasel weighs less than a Mars Bar, but is as ferocious as a lion.

Or was it a female weasel weighs less than Mars, but is as ferocious as a Lion Bar? And I’m not so sure about the weasel even being female. Surely a female one would have ridden side saddle?

Anyway, next time you are out and about, keep those eyes peeled. Goodness knows what you are liable to see.