Touching Distance/Please Don’t Rain On Our Parade

I won’t go on too much and bore you all, I know football is not everybody’s cup of tea. But I went to the Manchester City v Aston Villa game last night at a rain lashed Etihad Stadium, Rainy Manchester definitely living up to its name. Beneath an incessant deluge City won the game 4-0, despite a very nervy first hour.

Nervy because we went into the game knowing that a win and a draw in both last night’s and this Sunday’s games will be enough to win us our second title in three years.


Fittingly it was our Ivory Coast international Yaya Touré that scored the last, milestone goal. Milestone as it was the 100th league goal of our 2013-2014 campaign. Voted the African Player of the Year for the last three consecutive seasons, the goal was also his twentieth league goal of the season, which is an astonishing return for a midfield player.


Oliver Holt, Chief Sports Writer for The Daily Mirror, described it thus:

There are few finer sights in the Premier League than Touré in full flow. He is speed and grace and power personified. He ran and ran and the Villa defenders could not get near him. He outstripped them all.

Speed and grace and power personified. Whoever said that there was no poetry in football? Another newspaper referred to him as

a destroyer with the feet of a dancer.


Catch him if you can. I would have included a clip via YouTube, but my PC still slumbers on.



In a previous post, in an attempt to capture both his strength and skill, I shared this description of Yaya:

A buffalo in ballet shoes.

What an image that conjures, eh? I’m sure he must have featured in that Kia Ora advert a few years back.

However, I will share one last image that I think succinctly illustrates City’s number 42’s playing style.


Roll on Sunday. A point is needed. Win or draw and we have won the title. But as we all know, in football anything can happen.

Please don’t let it rain on our parade.

The Ivorian Behemoth

Well I have only been blogging twenty five days. And I still remain technically-challenged. Which is pc for useless.

I was just tinkering around on here-having a ‘play’ with draft blogs, when I accidentally published something that should have been ‘previewed.’ Cue a mad scramble to try and get it removed pronto. Luckily it was nothing incriminating, and was within the limits of British decency.  But it was a lesson learned.  Apologies to anyone that was attempting a comment that was projected forever out into the margins of cyberspace.

In the meanwhile, taking no chances, I turn now to tonight’s football match that I am going to.

I am a lifelong Manchester City fan. My faith path is a direct  result of me trying to understand the problem of suffering. But many decades of anguished prayers were finally answered, and everything has now turned around. I no longer have to feel guilt at brainwashing my children into following my team, much  in the same  manner that my father brainwashed me.

The sins of the father and all that.

Tonight’s match is against Wigan Athletic, a dress rehearsal for the FA Cup Final on May 11th.

As I prepare to sedate the kids before I leave, I will just introduce you to one of our key players:

                                     Yaya Toure– the Ivorian Behemoth.


A colossus whose size belies a deceptive turn of pace, he has been described as

                                          ‘a buffalo in ballet shoes.’

An image that brings to mind the Mrs on our wedding day.

Not only is Toure  an integral player for the blues,  you can see below that he can also use the force, which comes in handy in derby games.


Jedi Knight and midfield anchor.

Wish us luck.

Disclaimer: my wife looked beautiful on our wedding day.