A Glimpse Into Tuesday

I think I need more sleep. I put ketchup in the bowl today instead of washing up liquid.

As we’d say around here, it’s been chucking it down all day. Which translates as ‘it’s been pouring with rain’.

And so, I spent the afternoon inside, watching the first of this two-part documentary:

It passed the time while confined to the house, and I love most of the artists that are covered in it.

Music illustrates our individuality. It’s as though you don’t pick the kind of music that you like, the music picks you. You can have the same background as me, we can share the same context and life experiences, but what turns you on can turn me off, and vice versa. Certain styles speaks to each of us differently. We react to that which moves us the most.

August is coming to a close. Summer is coming to a close. With the night closing in, I’ve started this new book.

Some time back I read and enjoyed Johnson’s short novella, Train Dreams, and thought I’d give his collection of short stories a try.

I have heard of a woman who claimed that she once fell in love with a man because he recommended this book to her. Again – individuality. He searched his memory of every book that he’d read before, and somehow struck the jackpot. Found the one for the one.

The pressure, though, of getting it right. I wouldn’t fancy my chances.

Anyway, that’s enough for now, I’m only one story in. The rain is still tapping on my window.

6 thoughts on “A Glimpse Into Tuesday

  1. Found “Train Dreams” in the local library in a collection of other stories. It’s on hold and will begin reading it once it’s ready for pickup. Thanks for the subtle suggestion.
    As for Laurel Canyon…that’s the place that gets all the attention, but when I was in High School, our local best kept secret was Caribou Ranch…even before it was formally converted into a recording studio. The likes of Stephen Stills, the group Chicago, Elton John and assorted others would be common faces (and their respective pick-up trucks) roaming around the campus and my high school just down the hill…talking up us kids… I had an x-boyfriend who was buds with a few of ’em…I was cautious more than most, coming from Chicago, I wasn’t easily tempted to engage in such interactions at school, no matter how cool it was to get up close and personal with popular musicians!!!
    Anyway, sound bite memory for you to chew on!

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  2. It did nowt else in the Colne Valley on Tuesday but chuck it down. I had to work all day (still in the kitchen) but I would have liked to watch that documentary, I prefer that sort of music to the stuff my fella plays all the time. Our opinions and tastes are so different and individual.

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