One Of Life’s Cruel Coincidences

In my last post of four days ago I mentioned, among other things, my admiration of the RNLI whose volunteers are routinely heading into conditions that would make the rest of us falter.

Well it just so happens that, this time round, my wife knows the relative of one of the three crew members of the missing fishing vessel Nicola Faith. Despite two days of searches by seven lifeboats from different stations, it is looking like the search has now ended without success.

Prayers for the three fishermen and their families, and thanks to all the agencies involved for their heroic effort.

7 thoughts on “One Of Life’s Cruel Coincidences

  1. Oh no, I didn’t know about this. I suppose things like this don’t make headlines any more. So sad…and I agree, there are brave people still doing dangerous and difficult jobs, let’s not forget about them.

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