Book Giveaway

So-today is National Book Lover’s Day. This event totally passed me by until a family friend who shares my love of literature rang me up to wish me:

Happy Book Lover’s Day!

To say I was a little bemused would be an understatement. Anyhow, I wondered how to mark this momentous day on City Jackdaw, then I thought: how about hosting a giveaway?

I offer up a signed copy of my book Heading North. It is my debut poetry collection, published in December by Nordland Publishing.

Anyone who comments on this post will be entered into a draw that will be conducted by my daughter Millie on Monday. I’m quite proud of my book, and hope that there is someone out there who will enjoy it, too.

I wish you luck!





29 thoughts on “Book Giveaway

  1. Andy, National Book Lovers Day? I had no idea. Thanks for telling us about it. You made me wonder if there is a national day celebrating writers. I found this: “in light of the significance of writing in our national life, to draw attention to the remarkable variety of writing we engage in, and to help writers from all walks of life recognize how important writing is to their lives, NCTE established October 20 as The National Day on Writing.” I would love to read your book. Keep writing and posting.

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    • I will have to think of something to mark that day too 🙂
      I read your ‘About/Testimony’ page on your blog-very inspirational.
      You keep going, too.


    • Hi, of the six commentators on this post, three already have a copy of my book. I’ve decided, instead of a draw, to send a copy to the remaining three.
      Please send me your full name and international address to and I’ll get a copy to you.


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