Currently Watching This:One Love Manchester

Ariana Grande has returned to Manchester for the first time since the concert in which twenty two people lost their lives. After visiting the injured children in hospital she is now appearing in a hastily arranged concert featuring herself and many guest stars. People who attended that first, ill-fated concert have been allowed to attend this one for free.

The entire concert is being screened live on television. It appears everyone on my FB friends list are either attending in person or watching from their own homes. Very emotional, the message One Love Manchester is also transcending my city’s borders, being sent down south to those who suffered just last night in London. 

Music brings people together. And, as Ariana has just said, the kind of love being displayed here is the medicine that the world needs right now. I hope it is addictive. 

8 thoughts on “Currently Watching This:One Love Manchester

  1. I am in a hotel room in London. Last night at the time of the attack, I was hailing a cab near Waterloo station for myself and three friends. We had just been to see Alice’s Adventures Undergrond at the Vaults. We were excited and tired after a busy day of travel and sightseeing. By the time I reached my hotel, a London friend texted me the news, and wanted to know where I was.

    How quickly life can turn. But I truly believe that love is faster, deeper, and more encompassing than hate. It will prevail.

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    • I believe that too, Mary. Absolutely. I’m glad you was safe last night. And, over television airwaves and the Internet, connecting with me right now. Live! Hope you enjoy the rest of your stay here.

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  2. We watched the concert last night, up here in cloudy Newcastle. What Ariana Grande pulled together in such a short time was amazing. Balanced on the right side of hope and respect, without being mawkish. Our hearts and thoughts are with Manchester and London right now.

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    • It was a perfect response. There was footage of a policeman outside dancing in a ring with children. I’m certain that was not what the terrorist had in mind when he detonated his bomb.
      There is petition for Ariana Grande to be given the freedom of the city. You and Laura may soon have a new honorary Mancunian in your ranks.

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      • but of course! my question: will she share the key to the city with us? (chuckle, here)
        oh, and I saw that dance ring – and thought I heard that song ‘happy’ from the despicable me me movies somewhere in a news report about the concert?
        I have to admit, with Liverpool a stone’s throw from Manchester, I could almost hear ‘all you need is love’ and see flowers in everyone’s hair.(coming from me that is a huge compliment)
        if I wasn’t getting a bit saggy in the skin dept. I’d consider a Manc Bee – t’would be an honor for me but not that bee!
        seriously, you Brits are something else (I’m thinking WWII grit and all of that)
        (continued prayers)

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      • I’m sure we can have a couple of spare keys cut. We can leave them under the Town Hall door mat 🙂 I thought about that bee tattoo-Jen isn’t a fan of tattoos and tells me I’m too old! Speaking of All You Need Is Love: I was sat up last night watching a documentary about the influence of Sgt.Pepper, which has just turned fifty. Sgt.Pepper is maybe too old for a bee tattoo too 🙂 The Beatles are still my favourite band, all these years on.

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