Naturally Selected

While my wife was having her car valeted, we waited in a small cabin provided for customers. Next to the seats was a cage, seeds spilled all over the cabin floor by the birds that were inside it, scattered in an haphazard arc.

I’m not really a fan of birds being kept in cages, these creatures that have evolved to traverse the sky. But it did give me an opportunity to have a close look at them as they sang away, syrinx working overtime. Whenever my wife approached the cage, though, they stopped singing. She obviously looks more predatory than I.

I started to think about their ancestors, the dinosaurs, and how these birds looked like miniature versions of their magnificent prototypes. They once ruled the earth, and now here they were, caged.

They don’t know where they’ve come from, I thought.

We do. And that’s how far we have come.

12 thoughts on “Naturally Selected

  1. Wow, your spare words really affected me. And made me mad.

    But I like to be made to feel by words, so thanks πŸ™‚

    And in regard to your wife…some of those birds were/are predators, so they are seeing something more powerful than them.

    See, I am on both your sides!

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  2. What Laura said. I can’t wait for your wife’s response. πŸ˜€
    But the rest was, as she also mentioned, profound. Every once in awhile I ask myself, “Is this as far as I’ve come?”

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