33 Crows

My morning observations so far:

crow bullies jackdaw;

jackdaw bullies magpie;

magpie takes it out on any living thing in sight.

This lovely weather allows me to sit outside and watch all of this, but nobody takes it in better than my dog, Bryn, who stands on his rear haunches like one of those meerkats that grabs his attention on the tv. I think this position adds to his delusion that he can somehow reach them, that they are just extra toys with which he can play.

Watching all of these corvid shenanigans has put me in mind of 33 Crows by Kula Shaker. I was a fan of them in all their 90’s psychedelic pomp, but this is a more stripped back track, though, from their 2016 album K2.0.

You can skip the ad, if you want to, of course. Now I’m off to placate Bryn.

2 thoughts on “33 Crows

    • I’m not sure why that happens, maybe it’s a Europe-US thing.
      Yeah great percussion, though missing the sitar of the original which is good.
      I love Infinite Sun.
      I can remember where I first heard Kula Shaker-it was the year before I began working for Royal Mail so would have been, I think, around the summer of ‘96. I was driving a pump truck up and down the aisles of a warehouse, and down on the loading bay was an old, battered radio, and sometimes when I was passing I would catch snatches of this music that sounded different to the Oasis-Blur Britpop thing that that was going on. It sounded like a more psychedelic 60’s track, and eventually I pulled up alongside until I caught the title of the song-Tattva by Kula Shaker. I immediately went out and bought their debut album. Well, when I say immediately, I finished my shift first!

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