Claws for the Weekend:Goodbye


But hang in there, it will soon be Monday, and normal blogging business will resume.

In the meanwhile try to avoid flashbacks concerning birds, overgrown gardens, and ice age puppets.

And, also, especially, black and white photographs of rabbits mating with rats. That will hurt more than anything.

Good luck with the therapy.

See you on the flipside.

5 thoughts on “Claws for the Weekend:Goodbye

  1. When I saw that “good-bye,” I was afraid you meant, “I will cease blogging,” which made me sad for a bit. Then I read the post and felt glad again, until the part about the rats and rabbits mating, which, was the Ewwwww factor in a previous post of yours. So, thanks for leaving us with that!


    • You are welcome:)
      And it is nice to know I will be missed if I suddenly cease from blogging, leaving City Jackdaw to float forever in cyberspace gathering dust.


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