Fourth Of July Cheer

This made me chuckle, hope none of my American friends are offended. We sit on the same family tree.

Families, eh?


In our house, the 4th of July means only one thing: I watch my favourite film, Jaws, with my kids. I’ve been blogging a couple of years now, so I think this may have got a couple of mentions before.

It is Saturday morning here in England, and I was awoke by workmen mercilessly attacking the road outside with a pneumatic drill. Running up the white flag in my attempts to sleep, I came downstairs to get myself a drink, only to find that our kitchen ceiling has caved in.

Have a great weekend everyone.

We have had a water leak over the last few days, and though that has now been stopped, the bathroom, and now the kitchen, is a mess of brick and wood and pipes.

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water-we’ve got no shower or bath.

But our current calamity won’t stop us watching Jaws. I will still be frightening the kids to get their feet up out of the water (the carpet) and going fishing with that bold trio of men Brody, Hooper and the doomed Quint. And all of the while, above that celebrated shark score, keeping an ear out for further things falling to the floor in the kitchen.

What we’ve got is a panic on our hands on the Fourth of July.

8 thoughts on “Fourth Of July Cheer

  1. Well, it’s true we colonials have a penchant for ungratefulness but we can also be generous to a fault under certain circumstances, such as when bankers lose all their depositors’ savings and we immediately step in to lend a helping hand lest the banksters miss the opening of the high season on the cape…hmmm, it appears that some of us may also have a knack for harboring a bit of bitterness.

    Sorry to hear about your ceiling and heartened to know you will not let it interfere with your enjoyment of the most classic of fish tales…but then you Brits have your own penchant –
    “Hanging on in quiet desperation is the English way”
    “The time is gone, the song is over, Thought I’d something more to say”…but then we American types do seem to have a need for getting in the last word.

    Really, good luck with the repairs…perhaps the fellows with the drills will give you the loan of a hardhat.


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