First Night Walk

Okay, so you thought you’d seen the last of me for a few days.

But, for the first time, I took my iPad away with me as my antique phone is playing up. So I decided to use it for a few photographs and the odd update. Just in case I should disappear off the map.


Canary Wharf: feeling small. A poor man’s Stonehenge. How far have we come from the Neolithic?


In the midst of city life, there were some coots nesting in the water to the side of me, the calling chicks catching the attention of some cooing, slightly tipsy women. Alas, it was too dark for me to capture them. The chicks, I mean. The women continued to dance beneath neon lights.


Above the monoliths. Looking down; looking up.


In the distance: the Shard. I resisted its call.


The DLR crosses the bridge. Driverless trains- would you feel safe?



How many Jackdaw Andy’s can you cope with? Using my iPad that way it looks like I’m waving a hymn book about, threatening to break into song. And these unforgivable angles show just how much I’m beginning to thin on top. Damn wife; damn kids; damn time!

Did I leave anything out ? Maybe a smile?




12 thoughts on “First Night Walk

  1. I’ve never been to London, so thank you for taking us along. I giggled at the mentioned of coots, because I usually hear it in regard to a cranky old man, rather than the bird.

    I have friends who would be terrified to walk around the city at night. I grew up in the city, and used to take the train late at night. The city has a unique heartbeat at night,

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    • Yes, definitely a different feel to it. I felt quite safe walking around Canary Wharf, where I was staying. Not too sure if I would have felt the same in other parts of London though.


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