London Calling

I am off to London in the morning for three nights, arriving back on Monday evening.

For those of you who are familiar with the whole ‘journey’ theme of my book Heading North, the last time I was in our capital city I wrote three poems for possible inclusion in the book. I was going to publish two that didn’t make the final cut here in this post-but at this late hour I can’t find them!

One was still in early draft form, entitled London Lines, and the other was a completed poem that I didn’t think quite up to scratch (tellingly the title now escapes me).

So, until I do locate them, I will include here the only one of the three that made my collection. It was written in the very same hotel, in Canary Wharf, that I’m staying in this weekend. Maybe inspiration still lingers the corridors, eh? Perhaps my muse is still joyriding the elevators.

We shall see. In the meanwhile, have a great weekend people.

See you next week.

Canary Wharf, Morning

Sunrise over angled skies.
Reflected light on
glass and steel.

Still water shine 
and strengthening hum
of time-fixated 
suited drones,

speed induced and web infused.
See the parade 
of passive martyrs.

One day, maybe, 
just one day,
sit and watch the world go by.

©Andrew James Murray

12 thoughts on “London Calling

  1. I really enjoyed your poem and your photography and your posts I read. I’m sorta new to the blogging world and I’m not sure what I’m doing, yet I do appreciate discovering your work and your way with words.


    • Thank you very much. The poem is in a collection of poetry I had published by Nordland last year, called Heading North.
      You will soon get the hang of things. I tried to view your blog but was unable to, it says the site has been deleted.


      • I plan to read more of your wonderful writing. You may have seen an old site I started when I taught an education course last year. The sites I’m working on now are Wabi Sabi Ramblin’ on and I share another site called Sittin’ Ugly Sistahs. As I mentioned before, I’m not good at this.


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