Christmas Greeting: That’s A Wrap

It wasn’t until Boxing Day night that I realised that I’d not had my Christmas pudding. Nor my brandy sauce. We are going to have to do Christmas Day all over again.

In the meanwhile, my daughter, Courtney, tried to make a nice, spontaneous Christmas greeting photograph for her friends with our dog, Bryn. You know, one of those cute festive things that would have everyone going “Aw.”

Like I said: she tried.


14 thoughts on “Christmas Greeting: That’s A Wrap

  1. It’s been a hard last bit of this year for you and your family (I like to think your 50th was great for the most part initially!). This packaged greeting bit by Courtney earns an AWW and LOL for effort at least! I hope you’ve pigged out on your Christmas ‘pud’ by now and that Bryn’s tummy is settled.

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    • New Year’s Day is now Pudding Day! Yes taken on percentages it was a good year, it was only really the last couple of months it went dramatically downhill. Who can see what lies in store? Probably a good thing we can’t. Here’s to 2023 for us all.


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