You Go In The Cage . . .

This is a video of a Great White shark attacking a cage, which I showed to my family. Of course my youngest kids loved it, while my fourteen year old daughter, Courtney, said that she would have reached out and touched it. This from the girl who screams when a fly lands on her arm.

After letting my wife view it, I suggested that we could both do this sometime in the future, maybe as an anniversary treat to ourselves. I think my timing was off.

Watch it with the sound on to listen to the screams of the people inside the cage.

Don’t put your hands outside of the bars.

5 thoughts on “You Go In The Cage . . .

  1. I wonder how often the bars on those cages are replaced. I noticed the screams as well as the giggling. πŸ™‚ I would have screamed AND wanted to touch the shark.
    I can imagine your wife’s face when you suggested this as an anniversary getaway. πŸ™‚


  2. Notice the white shark explores his environment by aggressively biting it. This may be a major factor in shark attacks. The shark doesn’t bite because he’s hungry. He bites the human because he bites everything.
    I can’t warm up to the idea of using large, deadly predators as a form of recreation. One of these days, one of those cages will suddenly give way and it’;ll be sayonara, baby.


    • That’s right, it’s the shark’s way of checking something out, inquisitive thing he is. Also a lot of attacks are probably down to mistaken identity. Comparing statistics of fatalities between man and shark, we soon see who the real bloodthirsty predator is.


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