8 thoughts on “On The Streets Of Manchester: Two Council Workers Attempt To Move On Some Buskers

  1. Love it…singing a song to avoid a ‘row’! I especially like “xxx like a rash” Too true!
    Now a question and a thought:
    Accent representative of Mancs?
    – and – I first learned of the meaning of the backwards V (victory/peace sign) from the movie “The Darkest Hour” Before that, I never woulda thought anything other than the sign was incorrectly flashed by a nerd! HA!

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    • Ha ha yes the Churchill movie-I didn’t know of the last part of the phrase given “up your bum!” These days we know it simply as “Up yours!” 😂
      These group members are actually Cornish (from Cornwall, at the very south of the country) and their busking journey had brought them far north to Manchester. I only know because I looked them up here:

      As for the Mancunian accent, some places are stronger than others. The Gallagher brothers out of the Oasis group are considered to have very strong versions of the dialect. I wouldn’t say I sounded like them! Definitely not when I sing 😀
      Maybe more like the comedian Jason Manford of you can find him speaking. I was in a cafe once and a woman said to me (because I have a habit of talking to everyone!) “You know who you remind me of? I bet you’ve been told this loads of times. Jason Manford. For your humour and you look like him.” So not how I sounded then (this woman was also Mancunian)
      I told her I hadn’t and recounted this story as a joke on FB when several people commented “I’ve always said this about you!” Trying to work it how to make my fortune from this now.

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