Thought For The Day

I was singing along to Christmas songs. Walking In The Air came on: ended up with a neck like Deirdre Barlow.*

*for non-English readers, Deirdre Barlow was a character in a soap opera, whose straining neck chords were much commented on during emotional scenes.

Thought For The Day

To break the ice with our new student, who is from Switzerland, I suggested that the kids ask her some questions about her country, her culture, and her life in general. They agreed:

“Would you rather go in a house full of spiders or a house full of bees?”

“Would you rather wear a hat with a wasps’ nest in it, or a hat with a tarantula in it?”

“Would you eat a fat caterpillar or a cup full of ants?”

Not exactly what I had in mind.

Think she will move out by weekend.